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New Civilisation aims to provide an authentic alternative to the standard analysis often found in mainstream outlets – opening a channel for advocates of alternative Islamic political models to present their critiques of other understandings and put forward their own opinions  while allowing them to be discussed and challenged within an environment of informed and respectful discourse. Advocates of other political models are also encouraged to contribute submissions and engage in a discourse that is sure to grow over the period as a result of the changes across the Middle East and beyond as witnessed at the beginning of 2011.

All submissions should be sent to :

(We also accept short letters for the editor – please label the subject line of any such  correspondence Letters to the Editor)

Submission Guidelines

  • Text should arrive as plain email, MS Word document, or other word processor document saved in RTF format.
  • Submissions should include a short two to three line bio.
  • In the subject line please indicate the category/ subject the piece submitted is for.
  • Submission for the online e-zine should generally be between 300-1500 words, exceptions will be made for up to 3000 words if the subject necessitates the extra length.

General Notes

  • Articles should be original to be considered for submission, and therefore should not have been published elsewhere. If there is a compelling reason, articles which have been submitted/ published elsewhere may be considered.
  • Strong articles with compelling arguments are welcomed with the condition that they fall under one of the categories dealt with by the site.
  • Particularly encouraged are articles that deal with recent topical news/ discussion, and are either part of or intending to open up lines of debate.
  • All ideological/ political viewpoints are welcomed, and debate/ responses to previous articles is welcome.
  • Spell-check and review your work carefully before submitting it. Submit finished material since material that requires extensive editing is less likely to be published.

Sourcing and citations:

It generally suffices to credit the source of an idea or quotation in the text of an article – “An Author wrote regarding abc in 2009”

Endnotes can be used when such reference is essential for the credibility of the writer’s argument.  In this case, endnotes should be marked in square brackets, eg.

“As remarked upon by An Author writing in 2011. [1]”

The bottom footnotes should appear after the article as numbers followed by a period, eg.

[1] An Author, “abc for beginners,” A journal, 01 June 2011.

If the author is referring to other webpages, all URLs should be provided at the end of the article. Incorporation of the URLs within the text is an editorial decision


By submitting your work to New Civilisation, you are giving us the right to use the material on our website. We will not submit your articles to other publications. If you wish to republish the article after it has been on New Civilisation, please note that it was originally posted on New Civilisation with a link back to the original article if the other copy is also online.