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Editorial 01

A conflict between Islam and the west is threatening to engulf the world in a cycle of violence; the walls between peoples are being raised and fortified, yet the world is shrinking with the growing pace [...]

Microscope 01

01 Inheriting trouble According to the famous aphorism, there are only two things certain in life: death and taxes. However for more households today, the two have merged uncomfortably in the form of inheritance tax. Initially [...]

Redefining the Globalisation Debate

Redefining the Globalisation Debate

This essay is taken from a forthcoming book entitled ‘Redefining the Globalisation Debate’. Until now, the globalisation debate has been shaped by the proponents of capitalism and the anti-globalisation movement who derive their ideological inspiration from [...]

Abu Ghraib

Men with anguished faces, stripped naked, quivering before snarling dogs. Women disrobed and dishonoured before the camera. Brutal beatings, drowning and more, all captured on film for a tormentor’s enjoyment later on, while at home with [...]

Searching for Happiness in Western Societies

Introduction When British people travel for the first time to a developing country such as India or Indonesia, the experience highlights for many the differences between life in a developed country and that of a developing [...]

War on Terror

War on Terror

After 9/11 George Bush declared a ‘war on terrorism’ (WOT) and invited the nations of the world to take part. After 3 years, the WOT continues unabated and most commentators believe this will carry on for [...]